Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Satan Likes it Hot!

Whipped up this one recently. It's been on my mind for a while and has gone through several revisions in my sketchbook. At first I imagined it as some sort of flash tattoo type of illustration but as it usually happens, I felt the need to flesh it out even more. I don't remember what inspired it but as I've been working on it, the thought of nasty customers from my past service industry jobs and current one have definitely fueled the process. I'm hoping to tighten up this mix of neon light and the way I usually work into a cohesive body of work. Possibly for a show with one of my friends. Wink. Wink.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

From 95 The Met to Earnhardt

Recent t-shirt design I whipped up for the band, Earnhardt. A while back, the lead singer of the band was a regular at the coffee shop I work at and spoke to me about a t-shirt I was wearing. It had a hot pink and blue logo of the radio station, 95 The Met, which I grew up listening to. Turned out he was from a town a short drive away from where I grew up and was curious if I actually knew the station. Well, that sealed the deal, we've had some beers since then, he's helped me assemble some stuff for my apartment and I've been to some of his shows. So, when the time came for a t-shirt design, how could I say no? Him and the band had a pretty solid idea for the design and the color scheme so we messed around with some sketches and then quickly moved into the final and that was that. Thanks to Adam for asking me to do this. Long live the southern tier!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Soul Clap Anniversary

It's that time again! New one for Jonathan Toubin's Soul Clap & Dance Off. It's the 9 year anniversary party and they are puttin on a good one for you. It's all happening on May 7th from 8pm-2am at Market Hotel in Bushwick. Marv Johnson is the man gracing the poster for this very special event.

Attempting Comics

I've been doing little comics during some free time lately. Nothing crazy but having fun with it. The first one is just the endless mental anguish I've felt for years, entitled, "Taste My Pain, Bitch!" Below we have some sort of caffeinated nonsense.

Monday, April 4, 2016


Super pumped to share the news that my James Brown Soul Clap poster was chosen by American Illustration to appear in the AI-AP 35 archive. I've been submitting stuff for years and this is the first piece of mine that they've deemed worthy so it's cloud 9 for me, baby. A huge thanks to the judges!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

All about a-frames

Whipped up a couple doodles for Gimme Coffee's a-frame this past month. There's some plans for the rat ripper at the top but I don't wanna say anything yet. I also dug out a few old ones from the past year or so. Nothing special but you may recognize the Homer Simpson one from here.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Thee menu for thee Meat Hook

Here's my illustration on the Meat Hook's menu for Threes Brewing in Gowanus. They'll be doing their pop-up through the month of March so get down there soon.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Meat Hook Menu

The Meat Hook butcher shop in Brooklyn came to me recently about doing an illustration for the top of their menu at the Threes Brewing pop-up they'll be doing through the month of March. They wanted to capture something between an Annibale Carracci scene and a classic steakhouse type menu. I think we pulled it off while adding our own little bit of flare. Be sure to swing by the brewery and snack on some of their goods. The dudes take a ton of pride in their work and the food is amazing.

Some of the brainstorming and the final process pics:

Friday, March 4, 2016

Escape from Choking in New York prints are back!!!

You've read about it in the New York Times!! You've seen it in Bloomberg Businessweek!! You've heard about it on NPR's Studio 360!! And now YOU can own your very own Escape from Choking in New York print!! Let Snake Plissken show you how to protect your customers with these 7 easy steps. Available on my site at: http://philashworth.com/artwork/3320516.html

Monday, February 29, 2016

The Soul Clap at SXSW

Back with a new Soul Clap poster. Jonathan Toubin will be bringing his party to SXSW again this year for the official closing party. Lots of nods to Texas, and more specifically Austin, for this project. Most importantly Jonathan wanted to work off  of the Archie Bell & the Drells album cover "Tighten Up" and then we sprinkled in some wildlife and landmarks for all the people that know.

I really try to go the extra mile on the card giving at least once a year for my girlfriend, whether it's her birthday, or Valentine's Day. And since our anniversary falls on Valentine's Day, I decided this was the one to go all out on this year. Neon doves spreading neon love.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rollin on the a frame train

Since my brush with fame over the a-frame drawings I've been doing for Gimme! Coffee I've justa been charging along and cranking 'em out. Well, Sort of, kind of, here and there. Here are the ones I feel deserve some attention besides from the foot traffic on Lorimer St.

Here's the first few samples of Effigy Brewing with my illustrations right on the bottle. I'm beyond stoked after getting to hold one of these and taste the sweet sweet nectar inside. Hopefully the beer will keep on brewing and I can continue to draw some pictures for them. Don't forget to check them out: Effigy Collective

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Home Sweet Home

New poster for Jonathan Toubin but, surprise! It's not for the Soul Clap parties. This is for his weekly gig at Home Sweet Home, over in Chinatown. We are gonna attempt something a little different with these ones; They will be done quarterly, I think weekly would kill me, and they will be printed out as handbills, instead of just advertised online. Jonathan wanted to give people something they can hang onto and tack on their walls at home, or tuck aside as a memento from their wild and crazy nights dancing it up in the big, bad city. Still believin' in the importance of the tactile. All the info is on the poster so you know where to be on Friday nights. Process pics below.

Oooooooh yeaaaaa!!! Fire detail.

Notice a little difference in this supposed "finished" pic from the top pic? Yep. I fucked up a little bit. Nothin a little arts and crafts couldn't fix.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Refreshed the website

New year calls for a new(ish) website. Check it out!